What are the different functions associated with prophecies?
On top of the prophecy a user can see all the important information about the prophecy owner and the bet slip. Below that 2 tabs are displayed. The first tab "Prophecy" shows the different events and bet types of this prophecy. On the second tab "Description" a user can see all the additional info the prophecy owner provided. Further below the prophecy you will find a button which states "Show Prophecy". As soon as this button was clicked, the user can see the pick, click on its odd and see all additional information. By clicking on the odds of a prophecy the odds will automatically be transferred into one's bet slip. The bought prophecy also appears in the SpotBox. In the bottom left hand corner a user can check for "Reach" which indicates how many times a prophecy has been clicked on and opened by another user. Lastly, further on the right you can see "comments, likes and shares " for that prophecy. Please note, one can only "like" or comment on a prophecy once it has been acquired by the user.

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