What is a Chips Battle?
The Chips Battle is quite similar to the type of tournament you are already used to and have been participating in in the past.

“So what´s the freaking difference”, you ask? The answer is: Currency! In this new type of battle, users play with “chips” instead of Coins or Status Points. As soon as one joins the battle, he receives a total the battle chips to start with. He may play and invest these chips in any way he desires. The only difference between this and our Coins battle: you may not take your chip balance with you and to another week´s tournament. In other words, as soon as you join a new chip battle, the balance will automatically be raised or dropped to the defined chips amount again. If all the given chips for this battle are lost the user is not able to place any more bets for this battle.

We believe that this is a fair and more transparent approach of playing. In addition, it is more appealing for beginners who are just now starting to enter the betting world. We hope you enjoy this new type of battle and encourage you to give it a try. Best of luck!
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